Yea - he's got hobbies, but he's also got a good job and plenty of money so whenever he wants something he buys it himself! I can't buy him anything technology oriented because he's super specific about what he wants, and changes his mind all the time (plus the things he wants are SUPER expensive!!) I'd like to spend 200$ or less - price isn't really an issue though, if I could think of a "cool gift" for 10$ that'd be just as good as a cool 200$ gift! He doesn't want/need clothes, he doesn't wear cologne (Thank goodness!) He has made comments in the past about gift cards being impersonal, and when people do give them to him they sit in his wallet forever unused. The few things I have thought of that might make good gifts for him in the past are things I've already given him! Me in lingerie or sexual promises aren't good ideas either, as that would be more of a gift for ME than him! LOL (Without going into detailed explanation, I'll just say I'm 100% positive he'd not be happy) I just CAN'T get him nothing!
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I was having the exact same problem trying to figure out what to get my bf for christmas. I decided to get him something he will never forget. I got him a skydiving session. I am in canada, and the prices range from $230-$300. Not sure if this would be a good gift for your bf but I know that mine will love it. He has mentioned several times that he would love to go skydiving. :) Good luck!

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Do something for him like a romantic dinner or something with a theme...all those gifts cant make him feel special only you could....

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He sounds as difficult to buy for as I am.

Here are some things that are favorites of mine:

• Is there some kind of food/drink/candy/snack he likes that he doesn't indulge in very often?

• Sport team item from his favorite team.

• I like goergeg's flashlight and gloves idea.

• Tickets to an event he wants to attend.

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well don't know him so is toughy,

Is he metrosexual? spa gift cert.

trust me on this one....a crank up flashlight, no batteries.

a pair of warm leather lined driving gloves for winter.

bake him his favorite pie, never underestimate the way to a man's heart :-)

subscription to readers digest

a nice warm hat

gift card to a Lowes , even impersonal , guy will like probably.

Do several of these together and your covered :-)

In his stocking.....:-) why thigh high stockings, he'll understand, and some chocolate covered strawberries

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Get him a ticket to watch his favorite pro or college sports team......

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I am not sure how good your relationship is, but I have tried a few of these ideas, and they don't cost hardly anything, but they made the most impact on the receiver....

1. Buy a heart-shaped tin can....and on your computer, think of and number 101 reasons why you love him....then cut them into strips, fold them, and put them in the tin. It shows such thoughtfulness...anyone can appreciate that.

2. Buy a big bag of marbles and a clear glass dish to pour them in....but on the large marbles, with a permanent marker, write important dates, like the 1 st time you met, dated, moved in together, etc....and put them in the mix......(if he's lousy about remembering those dates, that's a plus, because now he can go to the jar, and keep himself in ck)

3. Cheesy, yes, but guys like that a small compass, and wrap it, and have a note reading "I'd be lost without you"....inside the box, with it.

4. Another cheesy, but sweet a nice globe, and post a note with it saying "Out of all the men in the world, I'm lucky I found you."...

Throw these thoughtful gifts in with a shirt, some cologne and you may not even need your lingerie...Ha....

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Have you consider getting him a Remote Control Car? Not a toy, but a Hobby Grade Remote Control Car.

They are great, if your guy is mechanically inclined you can get him a Nitro Car that comes with a small engine and runs on nitro fuel (he'll love the speed and sound of this scale vehicle).... it will bring him HOURS of fun, not to mention that most guys love cars, and hobby grade cars give him the chance to modify it to his liking, race it, bash it.... possibilities are endless.

We have a great selection of RC Electric, Nitro and Gas powered Remote Control Vehicles at affordable prices that you can check at

We also host Customer Appreciation racing events with a great family friendly atmosphere, live DJ, Free drinks and amazing prizes for the runners up and winners of the event.

We are Canadian dealers and ship anywhere in Canada but if you are not from Canada Im sure you can find a dealer close to you :) Good luck!

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Hi. I always had problem what to get my boyfriend and I realize that this is not uncommon questions among women :) So I decided to do fun IPhone app to answer that question :)

It gives you fun questions to answer about the relationship, his character, what you miss or don't miss in relationship and in the end it gives you gift suggestions and also diy. So you can pick from many suggestions, everything is accompany with photos, you can set BD reminder, mark your favorite gifts. I really outdo myself here :P It is called What to get my boyfriend.

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