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So I apparently rock on the guitar now. I've been playing in my bedroom for 15 years and have gotten really good apparently even though noone has heard me except me. I've had some extra time on my hands the past few years and jeez. I've never stepped on a stage or played with a drummer or band in my life. what is the best course of action? Am I too old to rock?
celtic34 celtic34 36-40, M 7 Answers Sep 9, 2012 in Hobbies

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Make sure the hose lights are out, never look at the audience in focus. Use your 1000 yard stare to see through them while youre really seeing what you imagine your music would look like if it was coming out of the end of your guitar, like those ghost buster blasters. and use that to scour the mass that's the audience. Remember, they're not there to see you fail. They already know you rock. That whole mass is one attitude in your favor. Scour it, it will love you. if it helps, wear a hat down over your eyes so you have to lift your head to look straight ahead. fear is the only fear, so fear nothing else and you will have no fear. trust me...

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Never to old to Rock! I formed a band when I was 50!!! :)

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Try to practice with your band, and try playing in front of friends and family to build up confidence. If that doesn't help, just try to focus on your music and forget the crowd is there.

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