about a month ago i fought a fair fight vs a handsome 20 years old guy (dont ask how we reached there lol), he has 6 packs and has 4 years in martial arts. im 17, 1.84 blonde and does just gymnastics. he is 1.68 height. i actually finished him in that fight. i really dont know how! i guess its because im much faster than him. so after that he asked me to she him how i do that and sort of "train him" (?) haha. so we meet from time to time and i can still beat him very easy!! in 110 matches we had- i won 92(!). i dont want to be cocky but im a pretty girl, not a bully as i might be heard like. should i let him win some more matches? or continue as its now?
inballlllllllllll inballlllllllllll 16-17, F Jun 27 in Doing Good

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