about a month ago, dont ask how, that beautiful 17 years old girl asked me to train her. im 20, and 8 years in martial arts and i have 6 packs also. she is 1.74 and im 1.67. i accepted. we bet that if she will be better than me after 3 weeks i will give her 100$. we met from time to time, and she is absulotely fantastic. in 2 weeks she became almost better than me. each week we did 30 fights. and this week, she has beaten me already in 10 battles, and im just 2!! what should i do? i tought to tell her im giving up. she can dodge almost any move i make and she is amazingly fast. . and she is not a bully or something, she is actually a very attractive girl how can it be? what should i do?
paullllllllllv paullllllllllv 16-17, M 2 Answers Jun 28 in Dating & Relationships

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