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i feel i'm loosing my bf. he went to a music festival yesterday night, send me a msg at night and it was ok. today he hadn't say a word to me. i tried to call him in the afternoon but his cell phone was off. i tried again at night and it wasn't off, but he did not answered my call nor did he called back. neither had the sensitivity to send a simple msg...i called him now, after 2 hours waiting, and he picked up. he was with his friends, back from the party, at some car, i could listen to music inside the car. i felt he was a bit cold talking with me. said that there's no cell phone connection at the party, and that he was ok. asked how i was and that we would talk later on the internet. still feel he doesn't care anymore for me. he takes me for granted? we are just together for about 5 months and live in different cities. i don´t know what to do! i don't want to look needy...and i don't believe when he said recently that he shuts himself down to people sometimes...what can i say ...
Maharaz Maharaz 26-30, F 3 Answers May 4, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Get him back. Buddies can be buddies...and want him to be like buddies. Buddies were the type of guys who did things together... like ... well you know buddy things like going into bars that are geared toward sex... and all that stuff. Better get him back... out of that buddy stuff so he is back where he should be...with you as his one and only... YOU are his girl friend. That is not something to be tryfeld with... you have made a connection and you must defend that connection. Get him back do he is back with you so he can rekindle what you have with him.

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tonite i think we will talk on the internet..and what can i say to him? 2 days ago he said he's strange, that he does not adores to see my face everyday and sometimes shuts himself to people, but for me not to worry...i don't believe him! he's an extroverted talking guy..i think i was stupid enough not to go to this party, but thing is..he didn't showed much interest on me going with him..said for me to spare money on this one (he had free entrance)..his words pumped on my head! he's tired already?? he has his work, it's true, he's making new music..but i think it's no excuse...

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