I've just been writting my cover letter for an internal position in a state government corporation and the next stage of selection will be a panel interview but I am stuck on how to be creative with the last paragraph.Any ideas?
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since i don't know what you have written already i can try to outline for you

keep it really simple and short

make a statement about yourself and why you are interested in the position

don't give experience comments as they should be in your resume already

have a positive ending statement with some of thee things you will bring to the table and something that will want the interviewer to take a closer look at what you have to offer

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I am not too big on cover letters...especially if you are doing this on email...if your mailing this US postal then ok.

Resume's and cover letters need to keep it simple....the first thing you tell someone is the most important...the last is something positive. The fact that you are making a closing paragraph makes me think this cover letter is too big to begin with. I would only be putting 3 to 5 sentences on this cover letter...and like I said...its just to make them want to read the rest of the resume. Cover letters are a good way to answer the job requirement....while the resume supports your skill set.

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What you want is the opportunity to be considered at interview, so ask for that.

But make sure they already want you! In your application you must tell them why they want you.

They want and need someone, so make it easy for them to pick you!

Use sentences in the form "I achieved this for my employer by using these skills to perform this task" - benefit, skill, task - again and again!

Make sure you have shown how you meet each essential, and if possible, desirable qualification, skill, experience and person attribute you can work out from the job advert, job description, person specification etc.

You are at that wonderful age when you almost certainly have the life experiences to satisfy all their needs so if you have any self doubt think again - you have what they want and you must tell them about it.

Good luck. xxx

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The last paragraph of a letter should basically restate the "most important" reason for the letter as briefly as possible ... a sentence or two. You will have already expanded on this in the body of the letter ... Then, it should thank the recipient for their time and consideration and somehow voice your interest in talking with them soon. This is another good place to put your contact information (phone / email) to make it easy for them to locate you. Don't get too creative with it ... better to just be professional ... but sincere. Good luck.

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