I write blogs about mental illnesses I have over 200 or more i I need ideas No names will be used No information about the source of the information Also I want it for my own personal use Coping skills that you may use Thoughts and opinions about Bipolar disorder and other disorders I need the help right about now I need information from people who have been there
bymypoles bymypoles 46-50 4 Answers Feb 7, 2012

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Thats the most versatile kind of "writer's block" i have witnessed.

What a block? It can form such flawless questions autonomously! :D

whom are you kidding bymypoles (seems to be a pun ;P)

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writers block ! ...thats got to be a major depression disorder so you should have first hand experiance and lots to write about

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I am Bipolar I It is not depression It is just plain old writers block and I have written so many blogs that I have hit on most topics just need feedback

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alot of people make fun of people with bipolar disorder. theyre frowned upon. i see it at work all the time.

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