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Physically, I tend to go for guys:

~With swag (you know the whole Jordans, nike, slightly baggy jeans, fitted)

~Who looks cleaned up, you know not scruffy from not shaving for a month ( a little scruff is hot), smells good, doesn't look like a slob basically

~Guys with a nce smile/ eyes

~Guys taller (i'm 5 foot nothing so yeah.)

Mentally/ personality:

~ A guy who can hold a convo

~ Someone who has goals and ambitions (even if that's working at an auto shop or something, just know that you want to get to)

~ A sensitive guy not that whole Machisto thing

~ Someone who will defend me, and care fo me, and be able to protect me, and treats me right <3

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Sounds nice.

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I hate humans. I like calculators.

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Older. Tall. Lean. Dominant.

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hm... hard to say ... im not attracted by physical feature ^^ its the personality that probably attracts me

btw :D haha

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I hate people.

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