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ANOTHER: "huh ?" Award.

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A professor told us today that because a lot of people scored poorly on the midterm, that our final test will be cumulative instead of just a normal exam.. then she went APRIL FOOOLS.

Another one that happened today is that a friend of mine said in her facebook status that she wont be returning to school at all. I called her and she went "APRIL FOOLS!"

Both were pretty good.

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it was around 1 in the morning, when I woke my younger brother to go to school, and he woke up and started to dress himself, until he was about to leave and my mom caugth him at the door, maan he was pissed. XD

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Over at deviantArt, some crazy hijacked people's profile pictures, and put in its place a picture cheering for Lady Gaga...and in the place where you change your profile picture, they erased the functiions, and replaced it with the quote "TEAM GAGA!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!"

I was not entertained.

But I guess it was the best April fools joke I've seen, I hate Lady Gaga!

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