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A pipe bomb.

We are saving it for a special occasion.

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I have no kids. But, i had a stay in hospital and there was a young fella opposite who was having a bad time being away from his wife and daughter, and the fact his injury may have meant he would never play professional football again(serious hip injury).. I made sure he was okay, kept his spirits up and even held him when it he broke down. he had regular visitsfrom his family but on the day he was to leave, his 4yr old daughter came running over to me with this beautiful card she had made saying thank you for looking after my daddy. I had to wait till they had gone and so i could cry in peace. One of the most wonderful moments ever. still have the card, safely stored away 7 years later. Its in my top 10 memories of life so far.

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She made me a lovely flower in nursery for mothers day and Im gonna keep it forever :-)

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Well he's not my child but a child of a friend of mine once made me a valentines card in school and yes I still have it. :)

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A book of her first year of school,yes still have it.

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Just drawing on the dry erase board is cute already. Visit

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Pinching pennies for when they're in need

Savings out of sympathy not greed

She cared for me so I'll do the same

Setting aside so there's none to blame

A child's thank you

Job well done

What point does a parent have their own fun?

Little appraise I'm smiling about future rocking chair phase

Collecting change for golden days

Do it alone if needed to

In the end people should be there for you

by grayday104

For Mom

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