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falling in love with my soul mate........

it left me in shambles..

but i will do it all over again

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one night stand

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I went to a party once in a huge field we put our tent in the corner and our group of friends me,louise,ryan,zac,chris and mike all started drinking we were all tipsy we (for some reason) started dancing dirty together then one thing led to another and before i knew it we were having a huge **** it was amazing girls on girls and girls on boys but no male action yet it was ******* great i was only 15 but my god i wish that would happen again... so much , come so much fun, so much noise ohhhhhhhh i loved it . ??

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In 1984 in a bar in Oregon this pretty lady said she would make love to me if I sang, "Your Cheating Heart" so I did and she did. That's the most spontaneous, but I can't hope that it would happen again.

What I would like to happen again is a royal flush.

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amberdextrous-How Sweet-is that the whole story?-lol.

The most spontaneous was finding the perfect dynamo bunny-and spending most of 2008 in delicous, yummy sexual bliss.

Yes-wish it happened again-could live 2008 over n over again-and die Happy!!!..

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When I was 17 I saw two girls sitting on the top of a sand dune watching the sun set. I walked up behind them, sat down next to one and kissed and cuddled her for the next few hours.

That was fun, but I can't really see it happening again.

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