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I remember watching this (horror) film when I was a child that involved a large (giant) pig (warthog) attacking and killing people. I have previously tried to find out the name of this movie but without much success. I remember seeing a scene, probably from earlier on in the film, where there were some pigs (warthogs) nearby and one ended up attacking (killing) a man inside some kind of nearby wooden shack. Near the end of the film I remember a scene where this killer pig (warthog) is trying to get at a man in some kind of setting that I imagine to be similar to a factory. I think this animal is eventually killed. As far as I know, this film may have been produced anywhere between the 60's or early 90's. I am pretty sure it was a colour film so it can't be too old.
NorseChief NorseChief 26-30, M 3 Answers Dec 30, 2012 in Movies & TV

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razorback.. great auzzie film :)

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