No poking in private, no funny looks, no accidental brushing your fingers or any other funny stuff. One day he texts you and says do you feel attracted to me the way I do. I want to know what will you text him back. dont forget that its a pretty good job that you dont want to loose at this time of downfall. Its a multinational company so he is not the owner of the company but holds a senior position. Oh and he is married.
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I'm flattered, but I'm already seeing someone.

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"You are my boss and I respect you however you are. I think I will not be dimished or have any problems if my response is not what you want to ?"

Ha, and he has to say " Oh Of course. I just ask"

I win ???

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If i was in your exact situation, i would say no. But if the guy was cute and single, then yeah i so would.

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My advice is to tell him that is inappropriate and do not delete his text messages in case you have to go over his head

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If he's married I'd tell him no. If he's a "hunter" I'd tell him no. It's ALWAYS a bad idea to become involved personally with the boss because it's possible that he/she will use that power and control to manipulate the employee and vice versa and eventually it's the employee who will lose that job. Don't cross that line or you will regret it.

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Dont poo in your own back-yard. A boss also knows better than to ask out an employee, easy law suit. You need to get promoted or move to a different department first.

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holy crap! but mate you're my boss what the ?!



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My boss now is a guy, so I would tell him "No! Expect a lawsuit!"

My boss before that was a lesbian, so my answer would be "Is your girlfriend coming too?"

All jokes aside, keep the text and tell him to bang a football. Nothing but trouble lies down that road.

If you are attracted to him, avoid him like a freshly placed Mexican immigrant (that's a swine flu joke, not a mexican joke). He's not only your boss but married. Might as well burn your eyes with a lighter, it would be less painful.

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"Are you sexually harassing me??!!!????"

lol - kidding. Only if he doesn't take no for an answer.

The REAL question is: Why do you have to ask this question? ARE you attracted to him? Are YOU willing to cheat with a married man? Do YOU belive in yourself enough to feel confident you can advance your career through your skills - not by 'sleeping your way up'? Do you feel scared about losing your job? Why, then? Would you date ANY guy that texted you rather than bothering to ask you in person?? Etc. These are the questions I think you might ask of yourself. Get some supportive people you trust to give you a reality check about what's going on....

As for ME - I love adventure but I would consider this 'adventure' to be a messy, icky, waste of my time and energy - as well as against what I feel is right. And doing what I feel right about is actually a big comfort even in tough times. Standing firm on what I believe and not letting anyone sway me feels very powerful, to me.

Hugs and good luck - I hate to see selfish people - esp. in high positions - try to take advantage of decent poeple like this.

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Yaa i shall leave .. i hate jobs ..

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