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ajtsai ajtsai 18-21, M 5 Answers Nov 2, 2010

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It would be best to spread your homework out so you don't have to pull an all nighter, LOL. For me it is easy as I am a night person, but the next day is going to be hell. If you can take a nap in the afternoon, it might be easier for you to stay awake late.<br />
<br />
However a word of warning, at a certain point, your brain will no longer be able to make sense if you are too tired, and when you read what seemed so smart the night before, it might not make much sense. Anyhow, coffee if you like it, music to keep your mind engaged, TV can help if it is not too distracting. <br />
<br />
Good Luck LOL

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just do it....<br />
turn off the TV, cell phone and computer and open up your books... get out your paper and start doing it.<br />
Take breaks every hour or so... like a ten min break.... move about.. do some jumping jacks or something to get your blood moving.... get a drink of coffee/tea/soda. Then get back to it again.<br />
Quick DELAYING!!!! Do it NOW! GET OFF of EP!!<br />
<br />
good luck

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