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Whether they'd be alive for my first paycheck.

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Things directly relevant to the tasks she needs help with.

Mental and emotional issues;-

does she have dementia? mild, moderate or severe, and what kind?

what are her favourite topics of conversation/interests/hobbies?

does she have access to a social life in the community? is she lonely?

does she have any particular preferences, dislikes or fears?

does she have any inappropriate behaviours?

what would be your top five tips for handling difficulties (of primary care/close relative)?

Health issues;

what tasks does she need assistance with?

how much can she do by herself ?(encourage independence for as long as possible)

how well does she hear? does she need help with a hearing aid?

should I speak louder, slower, more simply, or more clearly?

what level of mobility does she have?

do you have special equipment installed to help her with safety and independence?

is there anything special I need to know about how to operate it? (EG Where is the battery charger?)

Apart from ambulance, who is her doctor, who should I call in an emergency? Get details.

Do I need to assist her to take medications... do you have a Webster pack or similar system to ensure correct timing and dosages?


does she have a pet/s that also need care?

if she wants me to prepare food, does she have specific medical requirements with food?

what kind of food does she like best?

if I need to shop for her, can we have a system for receipts etc, to help avoid errors?

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I'd ask her what she wants but mostly what she doesn't want.

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There are three stages to recruitment aen't there?

STAGE ONE - Advert and application. You check their CV and weed out those that dont ahve the right experience, typed badly, spelling mistakes, dirty and torn etc

STAGE TWO - IF they have the skills and experience to do the job they may get to stage two which is interview. That i where youa sk relevant questions to see if their knowlledge and skills and exprince match what they claimed in the applciation.

STAGE THREE - WILL THEY FIT AND REFERENCES If the applciation was OK and they passed the interview - next thing is will they fit in here and be able to work with my team. Personalities etc - and that should be gleaned from the chat before the interview, their interview, what the receoptionist said about them when they had gone. (My old boss used to always as the receptionist an secretary what did you think of him / her then) And finally take up refeences tobe sure they are able to work, not a criminal etc etc etc

So my questions would relate to the job her skills and qualifications and exprience, throwing in a few about her and her likes and dislikes (if she doesnt like sissies she isnt getting the job ha ha)

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hello ,,to know her i need to know if she have normal senses like eyes ,hearing ,,if not ,,so what is her ways of communication ,,if she is using any medical devices and what is her medications ,,is she emotionally stable ,,what is her best feeding style,,how she like her day to be like ,,will she love to visit family or go to garden or travel ,,,,her sleeping times,,can she support her self during walking ,,shower ,,,what makes her smile ....who is her first one to call for help if she is not well ,,contact numbers for emergency cases ,,also should be with you....good luck

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How much dinosaurs use to cost.

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can u start now??

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why she needs a job at 80+

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