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IIn any era in the pass, I probably would be dead before 45. The pneumonia I had as child would have killed me without the antibiotics of this era. I may have even contacted smallpox, the plague, scarlet fever, polio, or numerous other diseases rarely seen today.

The war I fought in would have resulted in death without the choppers of this area that took me to modern medical care for surgery.

I may not have been given the chance to learn to read, write, and how to do math. I may have had to settle to be a farmer, military man, or slave.

In this era, I live with individual freedoms.

Life is good in this era. Life in a future era could be better or worst; it all depends on the lack of war or war, over-population, and the numerous other hazards that destroy life as we know it.

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It depends on the era.....if anytime in the past, I'd duck in hide!

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depends on the era

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I like my area. Oops sorry you said ERA.

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That depends on the era: I'd be lost without the internet, for example. And before that, fridges, washing machines and the rest. So... write a lot more letters? With a quill pen on parchment?

Then again, if that era was the future, run off and join Starfleet asap. :)

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Ditch my cell phone.

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