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Tell them you were trying out the old Julian Calendar for a year and ask them what they thought of it. People like it when others pretend their opinion is valuable and sought-out and that particular excuse should make them forget about their missed birthday for a few minutes at least.

Honestly--any adult that would get upset about someone missing their birthday needs to have their brains re-adjusted with a 5lb. frying pan. Birthdays for adults are a nuisance.

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Ring them up and ask did they get your parcel OK

When they say it didn't arrive get all upset and say you're sorry but it was so expensive you couldn't afford to get them another one

That should fox them

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I'm a guy. Doing something for a friend's birthday is entirely optional. (My friend didn't get me **** for my birthday.)

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i just tell them that i am genuinly sorry. happens all the time to me. people now know that if they want me to remember their birthday then they must tell me the day before. also i tend to give gifts at random times and not on special days , this seems to make up for it :-)

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Say "Happy Belated Birthday", I suppose.

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