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I started talking to an ex, we went on a date early Jan, after the date we kissed. Then when school started we would hang out at lunch sometimes, and there is(or was) definitely a connection. He has given me a bracelet, and said he would draw me a picture (yet he claims he hasnt finished it and its been a while..) I drew him a picture and gave it to him and he really liked it and even went around showing it off. We're not dating because he told someone he wanted to get a car first so that he could see me more often, but honestly I dont buy that, theres something sketchy about it. Now, we barely see another because he hasn't asked to hang during lunch. When I text him, it feels different, he doesnt reply so I end up not texting him at all. I ordered him a bracelet for V day but now im regretting it. What should I do? How about with the bracelet?
ThatAlien ThatAlien 18-21, F 4 Answers Feb 9, 2013 in Crushes & Obsessions

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well, since i'm one who hates to live with unanswered questions, i would suggest that you suck up the fear and ask him flat out..."WTF is up? yes, his actions tell a story, but it doesn't close the door to the confusion you feel. the ONLY way to make that to ask what's up.

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Well, see, a friend of mine pretty much already did (without my consent though) He said the whole "I dont have a car and I want to go see her if im dating her".. but you think I should still ask him? I guess I should for a straight answer

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