I love her, she is not mine anymore . I have never loved anyone like that. I will always love her
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Go down memory lane ,reliving the highs and the lows ,having a good laugh at our expense,hoping my partner departs peacefully and content with what life offered.

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I would make a memory with them that neither one of us would ever forget.

I am sorry for your heartache.

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I will try to avoid her. I don't want her to miss me, to miss the good times we spent together.

Farewells among the lovers are generally not a sweet one, and so I won't give a futile try to make a sweet farewell.

But, I will love you, and miss you, and perhaps cry for you, too...

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We're one in the same you and I... I lost mine too after fourteen years... But I still love her and we're still bestfriends.. And she will be leaving me again soon.. Only to another state this time around.

I would take her to a beach, we would spend a few hours there draw in the sand, find shells, save dead jellyfish, And then I would take her horse back riding like we did since we were 7... Take her for a ride on the four wheeler, Go to a zoo and marvel at the animals and feed some and I would bask in her ambiance and her joy, Take her out to dinner at Carmello's... And then take her for a moonlit drive in my truck, then stop up on our hill and look at the moon and stars with music playing in the background... Just like old times..

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But doesn't it hurt badly that she is not yours ?

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I've never felt a worse pain in my life...

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