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it is a human thing. most friends wonder what it will be like to screw their friends wife.the intelligent way to go about it is to do wife swapping so there will be no vanquish ,no victor.but the wives involved has to give their consent.if my friends say so ,he is being bod and brutally honest with me and i will also take this as an opportunity to let him know i want to screw his 18 year old is a basis for a solid unpretensious rare friendship if well handled.a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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Well, a lot of that depends on if you and your Wife have done that kind of thing before, or at least discussed it and would like to some time.

If so, I would tell the friend "Well, that's an interesting offer. Maybe we'll think about it.". Then discuss it with your Wife and decide. We prefer not to involve friends or neighbors, but it works well for some folks.

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I would agree to swap unless cuckolded

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I would found it a rather uncomfortable discussion, there are some things that are out of bounds in a true friendship. It is like when we were teenagers, it was an unspoken rule that you did not date your friends girlfriend, even if he broke up with her.

I would attempt to not to respond to the discussion.

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