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1). A three month trip around the world...and not the tourist places.

2). My sons college education including the loans they have taken out to go to school

3). My ex-wife would have her house paid for.

4). A huge house of my own with a barn that I can convert to a guitar shop on one floor, and an electronics lab/recording studio on the other.

5). A lot of signage to put around my property telling people to stay the hell away.

6). A grant to the American Film Institute and other film preservation societies.

7). A massive amount of money to Ron Paul's next campaign.

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I'd hate for that to happen.

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Make sure my family are co0mfortable, then go to see my surgeon to see if her needs any new machines so other's can live.

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1. Pay off all of my debts.

2. Buy a house and a car for myself.

3. Pay off the debts of my mother, brothers, and best friends.

4. Travel around the world.

5. Spend the rest of my life building animal sanctuaries, homeless shelters, and funding other causes I am passionate about.

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Invest, and then give most profits to charity.

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Opening organization for poor people, giving money to my family and then spend the rest on me :)

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