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The ONLY thing I ask for are 34Cs (at least), that's it :)

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so 44 DD's will do then?...LOL

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Say it ain't so! I think I just died and went to heaven, lol :)

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absolute perfection:

black/brown hair at least long enough to tie up

smiley eyes

chiseled face

a little facial hair

slim, not too muscular

at least 5'9"


east asian


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Your spell check must've goofed. You said "a little facial facial hair", lol :)

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I'm old enough to know that my preferences aren't as important as who the other person is.

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red hair, green eyes

fit but not too muscular

not important but I'll just stay 5'6"

pale is preferred but tan is fine


I would pick a girl that didn't fit any of these if I liked her but according to your question this is what I prefer.

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white guy fat tall doesnt matter

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