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First off, reevaluate if you're overreacting.

Secondly, You didn't go into specifics, and you're young so I can't find any stories you might have written.

So I'm writing this from my experience.

Don't ignore them.

Just don't get emotional, when they start bothering you.

Quit giving them what they want....

If you ignore them, it might get worse.

Find a way to shrug it off, or walk away.

Be your own person.

Your Mom treats you like crap, then don't share things with her, or ask her for much.

Find a (legal) way to make money for yourself (for games, movies, etc.), and do what you can on your own (get a ride with a friend, to where you want to go, bus, etc).

That will take the hot air right out of them.

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Think like, you are in the army.

It won't get anything solved. You need to let them know about whats happening. Maybe force them to listen by shouting.....

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It's a litte more complicating then that, see in my family I am the youngest and I am the one who is treated differently and picked on the most. In my family no one cares about me, my schooling, my feelings, or how I feel. My brothers make fun of me where I can't take it anymore. My mom treats me the worst because she has a sister who is the youngest and is spoiled, so my mom doesnt want me to act like a spoiled brat when I grow up so she treats me like crap compared to my brothers. She always gives them more and I get the bare minimum. So I have decided to block all my emotions from them and ignore them. But I need a good way to do it. I am sick of it. Please someone tell me a way to deal with this? I tried telling them. They ignore it and call me a baby and grow up.

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My mom does that sometimes:( But it's really only mild because I'm there and whatnot, Ignore it when they make fun of you. Listen to music, pretend to be spoiled, make them jealous, make your parents know why/try to figure it out before the next stage...... the next stage is breaking things and screaming at them saying "You don't know what it's like!!!!!!!!!" or something like that. < This is as much as I've witnessed. Hope I've helped:D

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stay in your room and only speak when spoken to. if someone says something hurtful bite your tongue to stop yourself from talking back in anger.

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Don't talk, don't make eye contact. Just hide within yourself and you'll find you won't even hear them anymore (been there, done that. every year)

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