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I try not to hate...but I've done theater soundtracks where I had to listen to the same things 50,ummm that gets annoying.

(I try to tell the cast to voice any displeasures during tech rehearsals-but they don't..."'be sure,because we will live with this music for the next month...")

I am not overly fond of most Christmas music for similar reasons.

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no such. I don't hate any of them.

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"Money Maker" by the Black Keys. I liked that song...but then my father got his filthy hands on a copy of the album "El Camino" and he played it at LEAST four times a day. And he'd make sure to turn the volume up and dance right at you, stick his hands in your face and slide around, blocking your way and annoying you. He almost caused a fire, he decided he'd dance and purposefully knock his shoulder into me while I was cooking. He caused an oil fire to start, but I choked it with a cookie sheet.

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hotel California

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