A mess, usually..<br />
Actually I usually avoid that by going to Chinatown in San Francisco and eating at the resturants there with my former foster parents. They took care of me when I lived in Hong Kong, and stopped the other kids from beating up the poor clueless white boy. They love to eat at the resturants because they run their own and it's the one day of the year they don't have to cook. I tried to cook them a dinner one year since I'm a good cook, but...<br />
Let's not go there..I don't want to cry..<br />
愉快 感讲比赛恩节主题演<br />
Happy Thanksgiving<br />
<br />
(yeah, yeah, I know thats not the right Chinese words, but I can't remember the right ones. My foster parents refuse to speak Chinese when we go to eat and I refuse to speak English. (We get a LOT of stares) So I only speak Chinese once a year. Although I do like to cuss in it year round..)

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