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Now I don't mean military or army base I mean shipyard base. Both my parents work for the shipyard and they get to apply For TDY which is wear they work somewhere else for a little like California for a week or two or Hawaii for a mouth last year both my parents were in Japan for 5 mounths but my older siblings who were legal adults still lived with us but this year my older siblings won't be living with us and my parents may have to live in japan for 6 mounths .and I have to Go with them. That means I move across the world from Washington to Japan my mom said I'll live on base with other American kids and on bad there's American malls and food and stores and they speak English like a small town but I feel like she may be lieing to make me feel better. So has anybody who knows about living on base for the shipyard have anything they might want to tell me? Is it true? Or Will I be across the world without any reminder of home ?
Infernalinstruments Infernalinstruments 18-21, F May 11, 2014 in Travel

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