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michellewp michellewp 22-25 5 Answers Nov 23, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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How the **** am i supposed to know?

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Your future will be surprising. Some day you will see more through clear eyes, you will understand the world, you will be wise, understand life and its greatest puzzle. You will gaze through the mist and when it clears up, you will see. Amazing. Crystal clear.

You will solve many life puzzles, maybe bake a pie and enjoy a hot summer's evening somewhere on this green and blue planet. You will walk through a forest, see the light of day and enjoy a pizza at a restaurant. You will enjoy the little things. You will be free of worry at certain moments, you will love, you will hate, you will seize the bird that was flying towards its death and rejoice its survival. And the world will spin on, with and without you on it.


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