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My coffee table is clear and clean,waiting for a guest so it can be seen.

You're welcome so come on around,I have a selection of Coffee's right at hand! :-)

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My feet.

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8 tubes of toothpaste, 2 basketballs, deodorant, old CD's, ribbon, 6 teddy bears, a pillow, party lights and an avocado.

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I don't have a coffee table but I have a TV tray. Does this make me white trash?

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This will be a long list, as we do everything at our coffee table, lol.

-"coffee" grinder


-Leatherman (utility knife thingy)

-a beer (Budweiser)

-PS3 controller

-Blackberry Curve

-Blackberry Storm

-my boyfriend's wallet

-TV controller

-Beef jerky

-SD card

-box of kleenex

-a pen

-a notebook

-a nail file

-a manicure kit

-bobby pins

-a notepad

-a head band

-a calculator

-this month's Cosmo

-the phonebook


-USB phone cord

-Hydro bill

-playstation network Card

-Router disk


-veterinary receipt


-blackberry guides

-oil blotters

-bank statements

-lap top

-kama Sutra book (which is only there because it's what the lap top sits on)

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No lyin'? Alright let's see...

A plastic bowl, some old receipts, old tags from different things, two useless/dead SD cards, rent money [**** I forgot to give that in], a few lens cases, a bottle of saline solution, an empty glass, some ID/bank cards, a small packet of Tums, a few accesories [manly I know], old bus tickets, tape, keys, loose change, phone, box of tissues, four soap bars aaand a half eaten jar of apple sauce. I think that's all of it...

Yeah I don't claim to be an organized person. =

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Candles that smell really good and get you in the mood

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I have been busy, so it has some papers, magazines, pens, scissors, nail clippers, a stapler, boxes of staples, a calendar, magnifying glasses, a calculator, etc.

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Cat fur!

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Well lets see...a med. size statue of a lion, coasters, & A LOT of dust with cat hair mixed in for volume!!

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Which one I have a couple ok the one with the most has....

3 throw pillows

my modem

a magazine

a pen

hair elastic

my daughters daytimer

and an abandoned spoon

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One Laptop Computer

One Pair of elbows

One Leg

One Mobile phone

One Dog

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Considering that I don't OWN a coffee table, it had better be nothing.

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Oh boy, it will be a long list!

My cup,

3 printed out books and one hard cover book I'm reading at the same time,

notebook I use to write down my thoughts,

hand cream,

bottle with water,

a lamp,

a glass I use as pencil holder with a bunch of pens and markers in it,

lube (ooh, need to put this one out of sight :P),


cotton balls,

and some paper bag... what the hell is in it? o.O

couple of bottles of nail polish,



my wifi keyboard.

It's a mess :D

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Too much to describe.

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4 remote controls,,a glass of water,,and a pile of magazines

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I don't have one!!! It would just get in my way. There are better uses for the floor that putting on ackward table ther...

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the stuff is old its been there for over 10 years now....the coffee table is getting much older and bits are breaking and falling off... like the tv cabnet as well, but there a glass tiger (which was a gift to someone here) .. a yukka fake plant, and a terra-cotta lantan, a green placemat, a mirrored tray with glass candles and a tin of air freshner and a cigerette ash tray that never gets used its really there to hold some nic-naks and for guests who smoke. its been there for years now... I bought the table for my mum when I was working... I bought a few things actually in the lounge room for my parents like the tv cabnet and the glass side tables, and some cushions and framed pictures and plants and this huge terra-cotta vase ... more to the point is what is in it... a real mess... old kids toys, fragrance and old foot spa things and old videos and just about anything... it really needs a clean out but we don't have the energy... the coffee table its self would be closer to 15- 20 years old now...

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MY WIFE...........ANY QUESTIONS?????


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Both of my minpin/poo's... my kids/dogs :) the remotes and the book " Dead to the World" (yea, True Blood!)

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