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Sam31905 Sam31905 16-17, F 5 Answers Jul 22, 2012

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Okey i work at subway in my hometown and I've become friends with some pretty crazy people. Theirs a girl i work with that i always tease her for being short because she makes fun of me for being tall I'm like 5'9 shes 5'4. So because I'm tall my fingers are super long so she's always teasing me because she has tiny little hobbit hands lol... Annnways One day Thaaank god we were slow it was just me and her and one customer and the rack we have in the toaster oven fell in and got stuck. We thought we broke it so she told me to go get the Oven mitts and she had these metal tongs we were freaking out rushing around trying to fix it. So were both standing there trying to pop the stupid toaster rack back into place and I'm holding the rack and shes tugging it upwards lol. I finally just give up and just stand there watching and she manages to twist it back up and outta nowhere shes like "Quick get your giant oven mitt hands over here i think i got it just pull up." we fixed it and now she calls me Giant oven mitt hands when she addresses me lol. Whenever I'm having an off day i always think about that...

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I was in the mall a couple of weeks ago. There was this snotty woman giving the kid at the counter a hard time about one of the store's policies....she was totally rude and condescending...............................................she finished her tirade and (oh yeah it was near closing)............walked with full bodied impact into the full length glass slider.............I laughed so hard I had to sit down :) THAT was speedy karma!

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That's funny! I love that when someones being rude or trying to argue and theye end up messing up or running into something or something stupid like that. Haha!

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