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One time was devastated. I stay depressed for so long that I forgot how to be happy. I forgot how to smile, how to behave around people, how to feel good about myself, how to get out of bed in the morning.

So I made a website with a profile of the person who I wanted to be. The profile had a hobbies section, a social life section... all the things I once have had and I lost to depression. I used to check that profile every morning, tried to remember it all through the day and act according to the person who I was trying to become. I has worked. I have much more of a life now. :)

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As the old song says, "Count your blessings."

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Mentally take 3 steps backwards and carefully look at the 'big picture' and look at where you fit into it. Then decide where you WANT to be in it and formulate/adjust your plan to get there.

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In what way? As in staying motivated? Positive? Not too arrogant?

I guess a good thing to do is to remind yourself that you're in control. No matter how hard your choices were, or how slim your options seemed to be, there is more than what is presented to you. You have the powerful ability to make those choices, to reshape your life in any which way you desire.

And to remember, that even if you change, you are still yourself .. You're just letting a different part of you shine a little bit more.

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