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Like...fresh week, fresh start.

Hate...nothing whatsoeva.

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Ughhh the weekend is over ;(

But I loooove that it's only 4 days til Friday ;)

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Hate:piles of work to do and practice at gym

Love: not sure what's good about monday

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One thing I hate about Monday is the pile of work I left from weekend customers.

One thing I love about Monday is that the next day is my "Friday"

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Hate - The pile of work to deal with after a 2 day break, and that off feeling like returning back to school after holidays.

Love - All the stories I hear and share about everyones rendezvous over the weekend.

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hate- its monday

love- nothing

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forgetting to put the bin out. start of a new week

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I hate mondays because its my major cleaning day at home

I love mondays because its when everyone in my house goes back to work and school

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