Mine would be that I love my baby girl I never got to hold and I will always feel blessed in those moments that I did have with her. That my ex and his new pregnant fiancée (who were screwing around behind my back) get their karma ASAP and I'll be there to slap them as well when it does. I hope that ***** goes swimming in shark infested waters when she's on her rags grrr I hate that ***** and also I hope that my ex gets all that he deserves and that his car breaks down on a train crossing so that he gets hit and dies grrr To all the bastard men out there who just used me for a good time to just go swimming in a pool of piranhas with a cut on their leg. ;C To my loved ones I have lost that though we may not be together for the moment we will always be together in spirit :'C
M3rmaid M3rmaid 26-30, F 1 Answer Nov 4, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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does this dress make my a$$ look fat?.. ;|

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