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It mainly stems from a painful physical condition I have that makes me feel different. Put's me straight away in a mind frame of thinking people won't like me and that I'm not good enough. It gets in the way of everything and is really ruining my life. Any suggestions on at least easing the depression? And anyone up for a chat would be appreciated, too,
nordicabduction nordicabduction 22-25, M 3 Answers Jun 19, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Know that surrounding yourself with positivity will help you. It sounds impossible but its one of the biggest ways to beat this . I've been keeping myself from falling back by refusing to worry too much and think of that some body , somewhere in worse situations than myself. Deep thinking clears your mind for the most part, allowing you to feel better about life.

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Just stop the self-pity thing and start living an exciting life. Buy a one way ticket to someplace like Thailand and have a great adventure. Meet new friends and party on the beach.

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Person-centred therapy will help you to come to terms with your condition and lesson the impact on your depression. It will also help you build your self esteem and confidence. It can be hard work but well worth the effort. mx:))

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