I need some extra help with Calculus outside of college. What are some online tutors or learning programs I can access?
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I teach calculus at college and honestly believe the best way to learn is not online, and I think people who try to take your money are simply scamming you.

You can borrow textbooks from libraries for free. They have worked examples together with explanations etc. Usually lecturers have less time to cover a whole textbook worth of material, so you can actually learn _more_ than from a course or tutor. Tutors can only really say things or show you working which is already printed in some book somewhere.

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I have a full class schedule and many times find myself up later than most tutors are available :( I am enrolled in a calculus course, but the professor is hard to follow. When I ask questions, he acts as though I'm "below him" for asking simple questions. I follow through with the text book, taking detailed notes from each chapter, but I just feel as though I need more. I was just looking for an online program similar to MathXL that can lead me through problems I don't understand when everyone else is alseep. You're a tough cookie... teaching math! Can I steal your brain for a few days? lol.

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If you have itunes, you could go to "itunesU" and download calculus lectures. They usually have entire semester lectures on there.

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