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mummyforbes mummyforbes 18-21 4 Answers Apr 17, 2012

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Normal exercise I think!...its Jus 10x harder. Eat less junk and stuff an then go walking often get a gym pass. Everyone is affected by it differently, an it depends what meds ur on too. You've gotta do what everyone else does but you've got to do it harder and longer. Dieting plans. And quick weightloss schemes aren't gonna work for you. They'll get rid of your water weight which won't be very good! Water is one of the midt vital parts of the body 95% of ur brain is water. Your jus gonna have to strive futher than "normal" people. But your strong U can do it :D

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You should consult a doctor because with PCOS losing weight is three times more tough than a normal person. I have it too. I keep on gaining weight unless I do exercise four to five times a week along with diet. Its a constant headache :(

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