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Clearly state to your beloved : people save your money, don't buy me any things, I have too many

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say hey

dont spend money on me..... I need for nothing

donate it to a charity instead!!!

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Don't. Say you want a voucher type present. And then take the present and give it to someone in real need.

That way the gift giver is happy that they have given you a gift and the person in real need is happy to get a gift voucher they can spend. And you should be happy that you helped a needy person.

Everyone’s Happy

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Exactly as you put it, but are you asking for money instead? Or ok with no exchange?

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Just say - "I have quite enough blue ties and light blue suits but thanks fo thinking of me: :)

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I want to tell him "Save your money dear, and paying debt shall be on top of your priority list"

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