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What's a "high" fever? If your fever is 101 or less, let it run its course. If it getting higher than that, a tepid (cool but NOT cold bath would be in order), if that doesn't help then you may want to try an over the counter acetaminophen, but take ONLY the amount recommended and drink a full 8 ozs of water with it.

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rest,take medicine, and drink a lot of water. Then it will be gone.

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"Fever should not necessarily be treated.[29] Most people recover without specific medical attention.[30] In general, people are advised to keep adequately hydrated. Oral rehydration solutions or water are generally used for this purpose. Excessive water may lead however to hyponatremia. Some limited evidence supports the use of tepid sponging.[31] If the temperature reaches the level of hyperpyrexia aggressive cooling is required.[13]

[edit] Medications

The antipyretic ibuprofen is effective in treating a fever.[32] It is more effective than acetaminophen / paracetamol in children however both may be used together,[33] safely.[34] The effectiveness of acetaminophen by itself is questionable.[35] Ibuprofen is also superior to aspirin,[36] which is not usually recommended in children due to the risk of Reye's syndrome."

Would add, if concerned you could call a phone helpline, if one available ? In U.K. we have 'NHS Direct', but this is a bit ahead of some countries. Failing that, if fever "high" as you say and continues, obviously call doctor ?


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See a doctor.

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