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Lynxes and Bobcats are very closely related (they can apparently even inter-breed), and both are members of the Lynx genus. There are three different species of "Lynx" worldwide (Eurasian, Spanish and Canadian), while the North American Bobcat is the only member of the Lynx family to not be described as such. :)

Lynxes are often larger (sorry Mary) with a thick, grey-white coat and dark grey spots. Their short, bobbed tail has a solid black tip but no stripes. They have longer facial and ear tufts than the Bobcat, with longer legs and bigger feet (for walking on snow). They predominantly live in northern regions at high altitudes, often above the snow line.

The Bobcat is often slightly smaller, with a thinner, grey-brown coat, white belly and black spots. Their short tail is usually striped and only has a black tip on top. Their shorter facial tufts mean that, from a distance, they may be mistaken for a large domestic cat. The Bobcat primarily lives and hunts in wooded areas, swamps or grassland, and (in North America) they are much more widespread than the Lynx.

Both cats are generally very wary of humans and thus rarely seen, although Bobcats are certainly more likely to be encountered than Lynxes (partly due to their habitat). Bobcats are also often described as more bold and ferocious than the shy Lynx.

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Lynx are hunted and trapped for their fur. :(, bobcats are usually too scruffy. Both are fierce fighters. Lynx are more wary. Bobcats will infiltrate suburbs and can kill domestic pets, they are not particularly afraid of humans and will stand their ground often. They can mew as kits, but their normal battlecry sounds more like a small puma. They also hiss and spit like cats. B/c of the habitat, you are more likely to run into a bobcat than a lynx unless you live in the Far North.

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Wow! Caliper is the wise one! Thanks for differentiating them!

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bobcats are biger,,nd their hair is different,,,thats all I know about it,,,love and light mary

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A lynx actually looks a lot like a cat except it's front legs are shorter than their rear legs and it is larger than a regular house cat. I don't think it makes much noise except meow. Bob cats are loud and quite combative. The bobcat has black trim on it's ears and a short tail, and coat resembles a leopard.

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