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A Journalist reacts, an author thinks.

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A journalist works at covering news on a daily or weekly or even monthly basis, for a newspaper, magazine, television show, radio news, or Internet reporting. Most journalists are employees of the publisher, although some are free-lance.

An author writes books, or poetry, or the occasional magazine article. An author is almost always self-employed, although he has remunerative contracts with publishers. Some authors work for publishing houses that print travel guides, or Idiots' Guides, etc.

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Actually, in common usage, there might be little difference. There are "authors" who cover things that journalists cover. A difference might be that journalists write things "in the moment" while authors write for some degree of posterity. Yet, i always think of Mickey Spillane's retort. When asked about being an author, he replied, "Author? I'm a god damned writer. I get paid for my work."

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Journalists are SUPPOSED TO report the news without bias or opinions. (Although, as we all know, that doesn't happen!) Authors have a much wider choice of medium, and are free to use bias/opinion.

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A journalist is supposed to take the truth and report it to the people as a story. Authors tend to make up a story in order to demonstrate a truth.

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A journalist gets paid, an author works for nothing.

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A journalist reports, an author writes.

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" journalist [júrn’list] n

somebody engaged in journalism: somebody who works as a writer or editor for a newspaper or magazine or for television or radio

author [áwthər]

n (plural authors)

1. writer: somebody who writes a book or other text, for example a literary work or a report

2. professional writer: somebody who writes books as a profession

3. creator or source: somebody who causes or creates something

vt (3rd person present singular authors, present participle authoring, past authored, past participle authored)

1. write something: to write or be responsible for the final form of a book, report, or other text

2. cause something: to be the cause, creator, or originator of something

[14th century. Via Old French from Latin auctor ‘creator, originator’, from, ultimately, augere ‘to originate, increase’ (source of English augment).]

Microsoft® Encarta® Premium Suite 2003. © 1993-2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


A journalist works for someone else and writes articles for magazines and newaspapers about happenings and current situations.

An author works for him/herself and "makes up" stories.

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I think a journalist concentrates on facts and getting the non-fictitious story right. An author can right just about anything, but when you hear author, you may think stories and fiction.

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