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Sociopaths et al do not feel the same way as most people. Simplistically, they understand right and wrong, but do not apply it to themselves other than to think what they want is right and anything they perceive as not in their better interests is wrong. They lack empathy for others, which allows them to treat others without considering others' feelings. From what I've read, Aspergers is a scale of autism and people affected by it are often very empathetic and it is their expression of their feelings and experience of the world that are different. There can be people with aspergers who are sociopathic, but they are not one and the same thing.

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Get out your DSM IV and even then some of these will commingle. Good Luck

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Man, I'm still trying to figure out the difference between sociopaths and normal people!

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Whats the difference between aspergers and sociopath/psychopath/antisocial personality disorder?

1) A person with Aspergers syndrome is extremely insensitive but has some empathy.

2) A psychopath is extremely sensitive but has no empathy.

3) Apathy is not having sensitivity and not having empathy.

What is the difference between sensitivity and empathy?

A) Sensitivity is the knowledge and associated skills to deduce what another person is feeling.

-Skills include being able to read a persons face and tone of voice when one wants to. Skill is always voluntary. Skill is seldom obsessive.

B) Empathy is feeling oneself some feelings that one has already been deduced in another person.

-Empathy includes feeling sad when one hears someone else cry. Empathy is not always voluntary. Empathy is usually obsessive.

Both can do evil things. However, the psychopath does so more often and is caught less often. The psychopath is protected from punishment by his sensitivity. The Aspergers syndrome person is punished by by his empathy.

The above is the informal opinion of a person with Asperger's syndrome. The informal opinion of a psychopath would be at least as interesting.

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Sociopaths are Neuro-Typical.

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I am an Asperger's diagnosed man. I believe that Aspergers means you are socially awkward. A psychopath has no empathy for his victim. He doesn't have regret. Someone with anti social personality disorder doesn't want to involve himself with humanity. He isn't neccesarily a monster. He has immense difficulty interacting with others. Unfortunately there are sick people that derive pleasure out of provoking him.

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Murder. Sociopaths and psychopaths have no problem killing. My step cousin has asbergers and he's to calm and laid back to kill. However when he was younger and would get very angry i would question his boundaries on that.

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I have been reading on Aspergers and they cannot be compared with whatever you have described = 2nd choice.

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well, I have aspergers, and I am definitely not a psychopath.

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My good friend, we'll call him Jake, 5 years back, had a kitten aptly named "Miss Kitty", an adorable little thing too. Jake had a crush on me (I'm straight, but I dropped hints to keep his attention and apparent loyalty). One day, he told me "I bet you 10 bucks I have a cat in my freezer." He kept it in there for 3 days. It lived, but not for long. I still have the skull somewhere, now that I think of it, one of the most precious gifts I've ever received. Pushing downwards, he gripped her neck with such force, her neck snapped. Funny thing was, she was still gargling, still alive. Only took 15 seconds from then to die, but after the mutilations, burns...

A week later, My brother asked him:

"You killed a cat named 'Miss kitty'? Seriously? Did you at least feel bad?

"**** no, I killed the old cat [he had 3 cats] aswell."

When my brother then called him sick, he didn't laugh, or do anything silly, he simply explained that it began losing control of body functions, and the functions ended up on his carpet, so she had to go.

The sociopath prides in his ability to manipulate those around him. Its not like a manner of life or a way of thinking. Its an actual, conscious objective.

The difference is most obvious when they are paired with one another. The aspergers victim will display body language that relates critical, cold analytical thinking, and may seem fraudulent and ackward as you speak to them, while they are attempting to present positive social stimuli in the forms that she understands (gifts, services).

The sociopath on the other hand may seem confident and have a air or presence about them, whether or not thats the tell tale (and mostly fraudulent) superficial charm, or menacing and fiery, or even shy, if they believe it best suits the situation. The key to understanding the difference lies in the name. Antisocial PD 'sufferers' aren't 'un-social', they are in fact ACTIVELY social in a domineering, aggressive, and controlling manner, constantly treating life like a competition, and only the strongest deserve to reign, which they no doubt believe includes themselves. They may be honest, they may lie, they may even admit their 'condition', but only if it seems preferable to other options, or is beneficial to them in some way.

The difference can be explained more thoroughly by defining "lack of empathy".

A sociopath isn't insensible to the emotion. He disdains empathy, and shuns it. Its like the old principle "Men don't cry". They actively choose to engage in what is socially deemed as immoral behavior, because social rules may not benefit them or their intentions, and may even protect others from them when they feel slighted.

They suffer from a disorder that impacts their ability to interpret the context of non-literal communication. This means that while they feel empathy, they struggle to identify the emotions and motives of other people. They feel a relatively normal level of empathy wh

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