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Not me but I embarrassed my husband years later because he took me for a fool. When we were dating he said he went to the adult toy store where they had live dancers downstairs (which didn't bother me). He said when he watched them he sat in a little booth and there was a hole in it and people throw cotton and all kinds of junk at him and look at him and stick their fingers thorough. I asked him why there was a hole and he said it was flaw. Years later a man told me what he was talking about was a Glory Hole. Men put their personals through it and the person on the opposite side give them a blow job. <br />
<br />
When I got mad at him and didn't have anything more to say the next time we got into an argument, I asked him if he had visited any Glory Holes lately. He looked shocked that I knew what that was and I lied and told him I knew what he was talking about years ago. He was very embarrassed and I told him I knew all along he was perv.

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Hmmmmm........... Oh I know!<br />
I was partying with my friends, we were all in the hot tub. I got out to go pee or something like that, and when I went to step out, I slipped on the wooden step, and landed ***-first on the deck, hitting the back of my head on the steps on the way down. It hurt, needless to say, so I just laid there on my back for a few minutes (I don't remember how long, I was a little loopy), staring up at the stars, while everyone laughed at me--after asking if I was okay, of course. hah.

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