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i torture animals......

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4x2 ................. Wham ! ................. Job Done !

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this happened to me before. since then I don't allow anyone I know to use those glue trays for catching anything but flies.

I remember hearing him squeaking.. when i checked, i could see that it was just a baby and his entire lower half was stuck in the glue. Would have done the same and been just as horrified by the sight of an adult mouse or rat. It was so heartbreaking. The landlord had placed the traps and so I called him to come and remove the mouse, saying he must kill it fast so it won't suffer any more. After 20 min he still hadn't shown up but I couldn't stand the idea of this poor creature suffering any longer.

I placed the trap with the mouse inside a bag and another bag and another bag,. quickly so he wouldn't be scared for too long. .. and then i placed a cardboard box that i had flattened out over the mouse and hit him with a heavy object several times until I was sure he was dead.

Once they get stuck in that glue, they can't be saved. We got mice after a church moved in below us. Probably from all the food they would leave laying around or in their trash while they were gone every other day. I hated to do it but I couldn't allow him any additional suffering.

It's such a sad situation.

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