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Hi there :) My name is Michael and I am celebrating an AMAZING Long Distance Relationship (LDR) with my beautiful girl. I have learnt so much about this type of relationship, and I want to help people enjoy the same level of joy that I do. So, I'm creating an ebook on LDR's and would love to help you find the answers you seek about your relationship. Once the ebook is complete, I'll send you a free copy! So fill in your answer now and let me help you grow the love you have :) Best, Michael.
splitking splitking 26-30, M 3 Answers Dec 1, 2012 in Long Distance

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Got sex yet ?

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I love nothing more than cooking for my loved one. Sharing those moments over a real homemade meal, knowing they appreciate my effort and display of lovliness. Im interested to know how does those intimate vignettes of comestible sharings, be it at ones abode or in a reputable dining establishment, work in a LDR?

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you need long arms

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