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I had to be away for 2 weeks and left me notes folded into clothes I took with me telling me how much she missed me, etc.

What I did for her was, spur of the moment trip to a warm sunny romantic place. We had a small cottage on the beach. One day as we lay there she said,

"Id could spend the rest of our lives right here. I replied,

" Why not.. I bought this for us last month :)

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Mu husband to be, rode 45 miles by dog sled, to come see me for 3 hours,then my mother made him turn around and go home, after the visit.

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I sent flowers to her work. She never seen it coming.

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When I walk girls open the door for me.

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I spoke with Thy.

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When I was at school a guy who had a crush on me wrote me a poem,

in relationship a boyfriend make me a music video with photos of us and once I made him a calendar from his birthday to the next birthday with pictures of us and notes, he loved it!

And a friend once gave me a gem and told me that he liked me.

I'm keeping all those things, It's nice to remeber those moments! all of them are special it's difficuld to pick up one as the best

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My eyes were closed and when I entered the bedroom there were rose petals all over the floor and bed, also there was champagne in ice, and little white candles all over the room, I know nobody will ever do that for me again ;( I miss it.

I don't think I had the chance to return the surpprise.

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I gave a gift to my ex when I was with him. I wrote one little note each day about anything I enjoyed or loved about him for 101 days. Put it all in a wine bottle and attached ribbons around it. Put lots of work into it. haha I was desperate to have all the good stuff in a healthy relationship. haha that was back in the day.

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Proved Me That Theirs Still Good Men Out There!(: And Gave Me Hope A Small Thing Really But I Will Forever Be Thankful To Him For It And Therefor I'll Never Forget!(:

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I was 18 years old and had a crush on this 21 year old guy who was my math tutor. He was tutoring me for over 6 months and I was really shy because he was the first guy I really crushed on. So since I couldn't bring myself to tell him, I decided to let him known in another way.

One day I had bought an single red rosé and placed it on his windshield of his car parked outside of our school. When I finished I returned towards my dorm building from the parking lot. He actually came outside of the dormitory building and was walking towards my direction! I tried to hurry pass him since I didn't want him to notice me...well it was too late.

He had an group of his guy friends with him. And he called me over to them! Ugh!!! My stomach had all kinds of knots!! Especially now since he had other guys with him! I wanted him to find the rosé by himself so he could figure out that he had an secret admire!

Well that was the original plan...anyway he had not made it to his car yet!!! And since he called me over to them, I had no choice it was too late to ignore him calling me lol! So I came over to them, he was asking me what I was up to? I said I was going to my dorm. He then told me that they were going to dinner in the cafeteria and he invited me to come with them.

I said sure, and I began to walk towards the direction of the cafeteria, i was hoping that I could lead him and his group away from his car! But that didn't happen he and his friends began laughing at me. He asked where are you going? I said to the cafeteria. He then said were not walking there, I'm going to drive us all over there! Come this way my cars parked in the back. I then said no that I actually had to go back into the dorms. And I said sorry Kareem I gotta go bye!

I just hurried away into the dorms went straight to an window facing out towards the parking lot to see what happens since I couldn't hide what I had done to his car lol! So he finally approached his car, all of the guys stood i front of his car looking directly at the rose on his windshield! They spoke among themselves I was too far away to hear what they were saying. But I did hear my name being said by his best friend Ronald. So I knew now that he knew it was me. I just hoped I didn't embarrass him in front of his friends!

I was really nervous so I did try to stay outta sight from all of them! I was very shy! Later that night I came out to go to the campus gym, and he actually was sitting outside of his dorm window he was looking for me! He called me I tried to pretend I didn't hear him. Then he climbed out of his window and called me again. He caught up to me and said I know you hear me calling you, why are you running for? He was laughing! I stopped, I said hi to him. He then asked me did you leave an rosé on my windshield? I admitted it was me. He smiled and kissed me! We began seeing each other for 5 years after that!

I say don't be scared to be romantic it pays off! :)

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