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Pulled me from a wrecked vehicle.

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My husband and I were buying a few necessities for Thanksgiving a few years ago.. When we went to pay for everything..we discovered that they did not accept checks. Crap!! So we had to put back our ham and a few other crucial items.

As we were bagging what groceries we bought with cash.. a very soft spoken woman approached me and said, "Did you have to put back food?" I said, "Um, yes?" Just then, she tried to hand me a 20 dollar bill. I said, "You don't have to do that.." She said, "I want to." She then proceeded to toss it in my cart. When I turned around to thank her.. She was gone! Like that.. poof! I am not a very religious person.. but it was odd. Could she have been an angel? I don't know :o)

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When my baby died...a group of volunteers (strangers to me) made the most wonderful outfit and dressed my sweet little boy and made me a memory made the day so much more bearable not having to think or ask my family or his dad to take on that responsiblity

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My father had just passed away and i was trying to fly in for the funneral there were no seats left when someone overheard the conversation and gave up their seat for me.

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Adopted me and gave me a home & family.

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Saved my life.

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It was RIGHT after my break off of an engagement from my Fiancee who cheated on me and was lying to me the majority of the time we were together.

Anyway, I was WALKING around the city and began crying uncontrollably. Yes, CARTWRIGHT has emotion. I kept crying and crying trying to hide my face and wipe tears away as I past people. It was 8 or 9 oclock on a Thursday night, not very crowded and dark. It was in the city center.

I sat down on a bench and began crying in my hands. I made sure no one was around when I sat down. I noticed this older woman (probably 70, 80 years old) walking around, pacing up and down the sidewalk maybe 30-40 yards.

She came closer and closer but never made contact. She sat a bench away. Whether she was doing this on purpose or not I'll never know but it just felt nice. It was like she was there, and cared. Maybe she didn't. But there was something about her that she was hesitating to come over. We had some kind of connection that gave me a little strength to get a grip on my emotion and have strength to walk home and go to bed.

It was weird. And I'll never forget it.

Best Answer missed the connection comment. That is way more powerful than talking or eye contact.

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I get it

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exactly Tgilly; It's not about the words. The older lady didn't want to scare her so she gave her respect with care and love and nurturing. Cart0001000 got it. She or he is writing about the nicest thing a stranger ever did. 9 at night for an 80 or 90 year old woman is late. She took a risk because she is an angel. Thank you Cart0001000 for sharing that. Now you will probably do something for a stranger. We can be cautious and keep our heart so pen to others. I am grateful for people like this. xoxo love out!

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I was at a grocery store and only had $20. I went over on the total by $3.00. The cashier was not very nice about having to delete an item. I was so upset, I was on the verge of tears. A man behind me told the cashier her attitude was bad and he paid the whole bill for me. He told me he knew what it was like to be down to the last few dollars.

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In a Blizzard, a Truck driver from the other side of a 10+ car collision that was all the way across the road came and picked me up and took me to his semi truck.

Accident-- In a blizzard I was trying to take my friend home for a doctors apt.

Couldn't see much with the snow and wind. Then it was like it stopped for a

minute and all these cars were crashed all across the road.

I was able to stop before I hit any cars, couldn't get to ditch because people were standing there.. was waiting for them to move when I was hit in the rear and drivers side of my car at the same time. Once we stopped moving, I reached over opened the door, told my friend to "GET OUT Now" She was able to, I went across her seat and went to stand up, all I could do was Scream because of the shooting pain.. My friend tried to help, was pulling me away from the car, when this man came up and said here let me help. She looked at him and asked what are you doing. He said in a short quick response. "my truck is over there other side of wreck, she needs to be out of the storm where its warm" He picked me up and carried me to his truck, had my friend get in first to help me get in. I could not bend, I could not stand, I was in so much pain.. I just screamed.. He got me up there, then went around to other side and pulled me in to the back. Said when Ambulance gets there he will make sure they come and get me.. And he did.. I never got his name, never knew who he drove for.. I had whiplash, several broken and bruised ribs, bruising all over my mid section where I hit the middle arm rest and broke it off backwards.. my wrists were bruised and hurting, I broke the steering wheel in 4 places from holding on so tight when we were hit.

When my friend and I went back to see my car.. the trunk was in my back seat.. the drivers door was in the drivers seat. What amazed me the most is there were several people right there, that could of helped my friend with me, to just get us out of the way of the vehicles still hitting the crash.. NO ONE IN THE group helped. None.. This person, this Semi Truck driver on the other side of the accident was the only one that came to help us.

I still thank him "the semi truck driver" in my prayers.

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the day my former boss yelled at me while firing me, i left the building. While i was in the subway sitting on a chair while the train was in motion , i was talking on the phone and burst in tears as i was talking about what happened with my now ex bf. I was on the phone for like 2 minutes and was saying how that boss told me that I was horrible etc. The call ended. There was a lady listening to the whole conversation and looking at my red eyes. And before going out the train she said smtg like "Dont you worry. There are just moments like this in life. It ll all be alright. ". I did not find words to reply. I smiled through tears. And felt so much kindness. when walking out the subway this time I could not stop crying because I was thanking that lady for her just being there. I hope she is alright wherever she is.

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awwwwwww, that is beautiful. ;D

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I was homeless and living in a shelter at the time. The food that was usually served was more likely to make a person sick, everyday was about waiting in another line and I had gotten pretty used to being treated as a subhuman number. One day I walked into the Salvation Army cafeteria for lunch and was amazed to be told to have a seat. A Hindi family had volunteered their time that day, cooked and served us lunch, no line involved. Even their children were involved, asking each person what they would like to drink. I burst into tears at their kindness. It was the first time in months anyone had treated me as a real person.

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He told my parents to stop abusing me because they are physically and emotionally abusing me in public.

It didn't work, my parents continued to do that at home, but I am still very grateful to that stranger. Thank you.

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thank you and thank God. Let us all confront and please report it asap, no matter where you are.

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This was about 7 or 8 years ago. I would have been 14 at the time, I think.

He was the owner of this temporary stall at the mall. He sold handmade candles, and gothic-style jewelery. I used to hang around there a lot and speak to him. And I used to buy a **** load of his candles (I still have them, not wanting to destroy the only thing I have left to remember). He was an awesome guy. Really wacky, and spiritual. I remember he had a plaited goatee, dyed blue or green (if my memory serves me). He had a gorgeous wife and daughter, who was there sometimes. She was 5 or 6 maybe.

One day he asked me what I was thinking. And that's how it started.

I found out his name was Kevin. He became my confidant. For the 2 week period he was there I visited pretty much every day. And I would stand there and talk with him. We would exchange thoughts, secret or not. He helped me through so much. He confided in me something he's only told 2 people before. And all these years I've never told anyone what he told me. It's not like it's a massive secret... It's not a crime he's committed or anything, and it's not like we have any mutual friends... but it's just the principle.

The day he left was so hard. I ran up to hug him and had to try not to cry. He had made the biggest impact on my life.

He came down on school holidays a lot for the next year or so. And everytime it would be the same. I would be there every day, spending time with him. Sometimes he'd get me to mind his stall while he went to the toilet, or to get something to eat. I was so honored.

He used to say little things like "if you were 100 years older and I were 100 years younger..." to joke around with me. But I knew that he'd never try anything with me. And he'd never say anything to make me feel uncomfortable. Another time when I was so distraught and upset and I came to him for comfort, he said "I want to take you to the beach, light a fire, and just hold you by it.". It sounds creepy as I write it, but it was such a comforting idea. And the thing I'll never forget. Ever. He told me whenever I was feeling down, to light a candle and think of him. And when I'm at my darkest, that's what I do.

The last time we said goodbye he said "See you Easter holidays!". But he never came back. I waited. And I waited.

It's been years. And every school holidays I go back to the mall. But he's never there. I had a business card, with his home phone number on it. I was too afraid to call.

I called once, about a year afterward, but got an answering machine that sounded nothing like him and panicked and hung up. I've never called back since. Just incase something has happned to him. But it's killing me not knowing.

I might try call him again. I've never been able to delete the number from my phone. I don't know if he'll remember me, or if he even still lives there... or is alive. But I need to thank him for everything he has done....

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smiled at me and said you know what :) you are really a beautiful young lady it made my day

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Offered me a shoulder to cry on! And what more can you ask for? Eh!

What a lovely woman she is, even told me many nice things, that I'm a beautiful, bright girl.

Was very nice to hear from a stranger and boy did I blush in embarrassment!

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This has already been the question of the day

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So. Maybe new people haven't seen it yet and its a great question.

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So. Can we really ever have too many stories about nice gestures from a stranger?! Really?

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When I was little a guy won one of those claw-machine games and gave me the toy. I don't know why, but I don't think I'll ever forget that.

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2 things i remember from my childhood come to mind,we were homeless alot when i was a kid one year on thanksgiving we were in a makeshift shelter and starving and a woman brought us a full spread of turkey dinner with everything i could think of to go twith it and put us in a hotel room for the night it was about 30 degrees out...

2.another family rescued us from a snowy night in our car,gave me my first coat and a nice hot meal sadly they were only repaid by my mother and stepfather stealing their money and jewelry im glad to this day that they were caught in the act those people didnt deserve that

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I got lost and was in a terrible part of Boston-a store owner basically told me "Don't leave-I'll call a cab to get you out of here"Cabbie drove 5+ miles to get me out and refused payment.

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Paid for my child's antibiotic when I had no money to pay.

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