whats the right way to do it what are the steps to eat a private part on a female
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pull the **** between ur lips and like it a finger or to inside is good no need to move it in or out just push it in leave it there and press up like your saying come here ..and like men we like some enthusiasm... make some noise tell us we taste good ;) and don't think it will take less than 20 min... be very patient.

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Hi bibee88

too lazy to write - copied this from a site 5 top tips for ***********

1. Start slow

Don't be in a hurry to attack her ****. Kiss, nibble, and suck on her mouth, her breasts, her thighs. Like any sex act, she needs to be relaxed and ready before you start getting serious. Even when you do make it down there, kiss and lick and suck on all of her, not just her ****. Her labia need attention too, and many women love having a tongue pushed up inside of them.

2. Find the ****

You need to find the spot near or on her **** that is "just right" for her, the area that, with every flick of your tongue, sends surges of pleasure through her body. No, we're not going to draw you a picture, or describe a roadmap. The best way to find it is simply to ask her. Each woman is slightly different in how she wants to be stimulated, so tell her to give you guidance as your explore her nether regions.

Note: some women find direct clitoral stimulation too intense. You need to communicate to find the way to stimulate her best.

3. Relax your tongue

Many men tense up their tongues and flick the tip furiously against her ****. That's all wrong. A relaxed tongue will do the trick better, using the broad flat part, whether you flick it or just bob your head.

4. Use your hands

Your hands are free, so use them! A little finger-******* is a great complement to clitoral stimulation. You can also caress her labia, lubed up with her own juices, of course. If you're an adventuresome couple, even try putting a finger or two up her ***. However, be careful not to put them anywhere near the vagina after that. A pair of latex gloves and water-based lube will definitely come in handy.

5. Get down to business

Once you've gotten her excited and figured out her hot spots, it's time to get down to business. Flick your tongue with a steady rhythm over her ****. Don't stop, and don't change the rhythm. That's the key to making her come: patience and a steady stroke. Don't vary things too much, and for goodness sake, don't ask her "did you come yet?" Let her fall naturally into an intense, mind-blowing ******

Covers the right way OK. Love the advice don't keep asking did you come yet!



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This demands privacy sound proof room or alone in the house.You know how you do a motor boat on a babys belly pressing your lips together and blow through them til vibrating well do that on your girls ****.If you want more try humming in a low tone at the same time. No they dont inflate you dont push air into the urethea.One time it worked so well she lost all control of bodily functions. No that didnt stop me I chased her all over we were on the floor.

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what the?

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Its my first time tying to eat my wife out so what would I do so she will like it

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Take your time, watch your partner she will let you know if your doing it right. I use my tongue and fingers at the same time. And there is no time limit so I take my time.... Also like talking dirt while eating and love the feel her fingers in my hair or a hand on the back of my head..........just nothing like you can tell I love to go down on a woman.........

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i don't think there IS a "right" way b/c every woman is different...what worked for one, may not work for another, but....juju has a good start going on there lol

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