me: I've had quite alot including pasta and salad cream; onions in cake; lasgane and mash potatoes......oh the list goes on, the people who know me know I'm known for my food hehe
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****, blood and urine.

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Sardines and Oreo cookies. Smoke enough pot and it aint that bad.

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I tried shrimp that was pan-fried and coated in mayonnaise. YUCK

I ate Chinese chicken salad with jellyfish in it. YUCK

I ate Chinese noodles with jellyfish in it. YUCK

I tried sushi - rolled up rice, seaweed, crab, avocado, cucumber and sesame seeds - that had mayonnaise in it. YUCK

My mom's side who is originally from China eats unusual stuff too.

Grass jelly hardened and diced loaded with maple syrup I WILL NEVER TRY THAT.

Black duck eggs loaded with oyster sauce (in Chinese cultures, duck eggs, limes and other things can be preserved for centuries before being eaten.) - when they are black, they have been preserved literally centuries and can be eaten later; when they are white, they are salty. I HATE OYSTER SAUCE BECAUSE OF HOW SALTY IT IS SO I WILL NEVER EAT THAT.

Green tea with a preserved lime in it. - Chinese preserve limes over the centuries to put in drinks and cure colds. IT HONESTLY LOOKS LIKE BLACK POOP, SO I WOULD NEVER TRY IT BUT MY MOM'S SIDE USES IT.


Some things I love that others find bizarre:

jalapenos dipped in buttermilk

french fries dipped in tartar sauce

nachos with buttermilk as a substitute for sour cream

fried chicken dipped in blue cheese salad dressing

chicken casserole with sour cream mixed in it

Korean noodles with pickled seaweed, pickled onions, pickled cucumbers, pickled carrots, pickled lettuce, pickled turnips

turnips topped with raw fish

octopus mixed with sesame oil, green onions, seaweed and hot chili peppers oh and onions

pickled cucumbers with pickled ginger

tofu with ginger, carrots, shoyu

salmon with hot vinegar on rice

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wow i thought i was bad...........

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Pickles with cherry koolaid powder and hot cheetos, it was sour as F but so good :)

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lol haha BG :D:D Chcolate mosse on grapes o and tune mayo with grapes in my sandwhich wasnt my idea btw :D xxx

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Barbecued grasshoppers with jalapenos in Thailand

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brownies dipped in ranch dressing

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anything with pineapple on or in it. just cant take it !!

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