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Grayline Grayline 13-15, M 2 Answers Jul 27, 2012

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a dog.<br />
because i dont own one

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My thoughts exactly :)

Best Answer could be the neighbors dog :/

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and it would still be weird

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I'd find it worrying too - same reason, either animal; but we've to establish exactly what is meant by the question. Is the chest under discussion the front upper body of the sleeper or is it a large box in which may be stored, say, spare bedding? I then put it to you that the question may refer to the cat choosing a box, or indeed the sleeper, or a dog on which to lie. And similarly the dog may choose furniture or human on which to repose. If both animals are pets in the same household it is not unfeasible for them to snuggle up together, as they feel part of the same pack as their owning family. It would therefore not be weird for either the cat or the dog to rest upon the chest which being a receptacle for blankets; nor indeed for the sleeper to awaken to see the feline snoozing upon the canine, although we may suspect the inverse to be less likely especially if the dog is of a large, heavy breed. If however the chest under consideration is the part of the sleeper's anatomy then it is not really weird for either animal to rest thereupon, assuming the owner had not trained it to stay off the beds let alone occupants, for the animal would find it a very pleasantly warm spot on which to lie, enhanced by the restfully gentle oscillatory movement of the sleeper's respiration. We may even conclude that in these circumstances the animal may be thought to act more strangely if it chose the hard, cool wooden top of the chest, that being a blanket-box, rather than the warmer, softer anatomical chest of its the sleeping owner. This, I submit, brings to us consider if the question aims to establish of the two animals, which is the less likely to sleep upon its owner; and indeed if either or both animals would really rather the human would sleep upon the chest being the piece of furniture, thus leaving that lovely soft bed free for its or their exclusive use. I have no further questions M'Lud.

Best Answer brain just exploded from all this logic.....I... I need an second

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I have to say a dog but this reminded me. Once had a cat that would get on my chest and meow right in my face at 5 AM. It really got to be a pain and 1 morn I reacted by flinging it across the room in a reflex action. The next morn, I woke with it on my chest and right in my face but very softly meowing as if to whisper. I just had to laugh!

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