I know the saying once a cheater always and I always believed that. I always said I would never stay with someone if they cheated, but here I am debating on if I should stay and try to work it out or just let him go. We have only been together for about 6 months, but I care a lot about him. But I found out he cheated on me with his ex girlfriend and I know he has been with her more then once. I just found all of this out Saturday and ever since then I have went from wanting to break up with him to wanting to work it out I change my mind constantly cause I know what I want, but I know what's right to. So I need some advice cause I just don't know what to do its tearing me apart trying to decide.
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Stay with him and you will be miserable for years because you aren't going to forget what he did to you and it's going to be strained anytime he puts a hand on yoiu. Be done with him and walk away not looking back. Find someone who wants to be with YOU.

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I say let him go, he's stupid he's obviously still hung up over his ex.

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It happened to me once. I gave him a second chance. After a few months I broke up with him. I wasn't the same person, I became insecure, jeaouls etc....I was miserable.

But it's your heart, so do what feels right.

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Frist thing first there nothing wrong with you get that in your head.

Well Frist must ask yourself do you always want just be living blow up doll or do you want to be his equal.

Next ask your self or write it down the behavior you like and do not like.

You see more dis like then like it might be clue to your answers

third Is it about the money he uses on you keep u happy.

As the studies show money and love making dose not always make good relationship.

So ask your self this is there any thing other then money and love that make relationship stand on it own. If not then you have your answer.

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Drop him like a bad habit. Keep walking and don't look back. Trust me when I say that you will regret taking him back. There are far better people than him in the world so why would you settle for him? Go out with your friends to the movies, lake or wherever to help take your mind off of him. Keep yourself busy and try think about other things in your life.

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