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Nothing wrong imo. I think Job is a must for boys.In today's world girls are equally competitive and they are quite capable at work than boys( I must agree because I have already SEEN them in my life ;P )

Go for the Job if you FEEL like you REALLY NEED it.It's UP TO you and DO YOUR BEST AND LEAVE THE REST TO GOD. :D

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There is nothing wrong with not either having or wanting a job.

People who bang on on about burdens to society or `if you don`t work .. you don`t eat` or your demean you because you are unemployed etc, are just so full of hubris and crap. They are trapped in their own world and view of society so much so, that they are slaves to it..

Think on this ... If you choose to opt out completely and become totally self sufficient society will do everything in it`s power to stop you, through taxes or welfare (whether you get it or not).

That to my mind is Social Slavery.

Ohhh btw, I do work full time and by choice ... unlike many people who have lost theirs through no fault of their own.

If Society wants us all to work, then provide the jobs that people want or that we really need or just STFU.

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In my world, if you don't work you don't eat

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Depends on what you mean.

If your a mom and not working away from home you do have a job. The most important job in the world of raising the children of the future. Your job is caring for them, teaching the things they'll need to thrive, and protecting those children.

If your disabled and absolutely can't work no problem, most of the world is only too happy to help.

For anyone else, well if you refuse to work then just don't ask anyone else for help paying your bills, buying you things or feeding your sorry a$$.

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There's nothing wrong with not having an income, but every person should have something productive to do which occupies their time. It could be arts or crafts or employment or volunteer work, it doesn't matter. I find those who have nothing to do usually kind of difficult to get along with because they're usually not responsible for anything, even their own welfare, and that's very difficult to relate to.

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Nothing if you a supporting yourself otherwise get a job you sponge

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not having money

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sounds good to any one dumb enough to shoulder the burden? ;-)

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Everybody has a job.

But either it's a real job or a blow job.I'm sorry to admit I'm in the second group.

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